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Page 32 Consumer 67203 61224 69580 20141 Trombone Tree Shrub Sprayer Shoots Up to 25 Feet for maximum height Adjustable brass cone nozzle adjusts from fine mist to long distance stream multi-directional Metal steel handles with sturdy no-slip grips Long-lasting nickel-plated brass pump 72 PVC hose with large filter drops directly into chemical bucket Powerful slide pump action Includes extension 1 year warranty Specialty All-Poly Duster The Best Way to Apply Dust for Aphid Control and Other Needs Includes 16 poly extension and deflector to reach bushes Adjutant pump disperses small puff to large dust cloud Durable poly construction Holds 1-pound of dust 2 year warranty 67203 All-Poly Duster Weeding Brush Easy Spot Application for Weeds Brush valve makes for easy and controlled application Includes hang hole for easy storage Kill weeds with brushing motion Works with favorite herbicide No more pulling or bending Long 38 reach applicator 1 year warranty 69580 Weeding Brush 61224 Trombone Tree and Shrub Sprayer Build 150 psi Green Garde Eco-Friendly Sprayer The Eco-Friendly Spraying Solution Comfortable poly TOV thumb-operated control valve with onoff lock and in-line filter Measuring cup and Eco-Guide Booklet included Carton made from recycled materials and printed with environmentally-friendly soy inks Tank made from eco-friendly recycled polyethylene Adjustable brass cone nozzle adjusts from fine mist to long distance stream 42 two-ply high pressure anti-kink visable braided hose Comfortable D shaped pump handle Valve snaps into pump handle for one-handed spraying Manual pressure release valve 15 curved poly spray wand 1 year warranty 20141 Green Garde Eco-Friendly 1 gal 4 liter 17 Includes How You Spray Does Make A Difference Eco Spray Guide