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1-800-LADYBUG Powered 22 18537 Bak-Pak Power Sprayer Portable high efficiency Bak-Pak sprayer with 1 hp engine for construction agricultural and pest control applications. Complete with quick adjustable padded shoulder straps and padded backrest for maximum operator comfort. Four speed spray rangePSI control knob minimum of 21ft 15 Bar 217.5 PSI maximum of 29ft 32 Bar 464 PSI. 98600A Porta-Pak Ultra Low Volume Applicator Covers Extremely Large Areas with Very Little Spray Material. This is a true ULV sprayer not a mist blower. Motor and large specially designed fan generate powerful high volume air stream that drives 18-75 micron droplets. Covers swath up to 75 feet 23 m wide and up to 45 feet 15 m high Uses concentrated pesticide so there is no water mixing or carrying required. Ideal for use in orchards and groves inside large warehouses feedlots etc. Also ideal for mosquito control for public health. Easily carried on applicators back. Optional parts kit for fast easy in-the-field servicing. 0.9 gal 3.5 liter capacity. 38470 Spray Thick Drum Pump Sprayer Versatile Does The Job Big or Small. Sprays Thick or Thin Materials. Efficient power sprayer features unique closed liquid system with powerful diaphragm pump. 2-piece suction and agitation discharge pipes. 5 HP Honda engine adjustable for volume and pressure. Five foot 1.5 m hose connected to both suction and discharge ends allows easier cleaning and flushing of spray gun and wand. Closed system so you can keep material in line between jobs. Includes pump spray gun with 18-inch 46 cm straight spray wand and a 30-inch 76 cm curved wand two TeeJet brass nozzles 25 feet 9 m spray hose. 18539 Bak-Pak Duster and Mist Blower Sprayer Portable flexible and high efficiency Bak-Pak Duster and mist blower with 2.4 HP engine disperses granular fertilizers and pest control products. Complete with quick adjustable padded shoulder straps and padded backrest for maximum operator comfort. Easily changes from duster to mist blower with two interchangeable tank inserts. 38470 38474 38476 38477 38478 38479 38480 38487 HD1 Drum Pump Sprayer 14 Pipe Adapter Spray Gun 30 Curved Spray Wand with 9503E Nozzle 18 Straight Wand with 9505E Nozzle 9503E Flat Fan Nozzle 9505E Flat Fan Nozzle 100 Drum Pump Spray Hose Extension 18537 Bak-Pak Power Sprayer 6.5 gal 25 liter 18539 Bak-Pak Duster Sprayer 3.75 gal 14 liter Gas Powered 98600A 38470 18539 18537 Easily attaches to 55-gal 208 liter drum or 5-gal 19 liter pail.