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Page 32 Handheld 2102 Liquid Hose End Applicator Sprays most brands of liquid concentrates Twelve settings plus water only with three spray patterns light thick or coarse Sprays 1 to 6 gallons 4 to 23 liters Heavy-duty construction easy-fill jar 1 year warranty 22146 Power Trigger Adjusts from very fine mist to long range stream Powerful comfort-grip trigger Quality construction Translucent poly jar 36 oz. size 62222 Multi-Use Trigger Sprayer Better quality than others in its price range Ideal for on shelf or dump-bin selling Very economical 32 oz. size 62140 Chameleon Adaptable Hose End Sprayer 3 changeable spray patterns shower fan stream Canister works as a container if desired Touch-free feature-sprayer fits directly on chemical concentrate bottle Quick to connect - simple to use Included adapter fits most all concetrate bottles No measuring or pouring elminates contact with chemicals 32 oz 1 liter 10 year warranty 2214662222 2100 62227 NEW 62227 All-Angle Sprayer Sprays from any angle even upside down White natural translucent polyethylene tank Adjustable spray nozzle Comfortable poly trigger 24 oz. capacity - ideal for most uses 2100 Economical Liquid Hose End Sprayer Sprays most brands of liquid concentrates Three settings off on or water only Sprays 1 to 20 gallons 4 to 76 liters 1 year warranty NEW 60000 Self-Mixing Metal Hose End Sprayer Single filling sprays up to 100 gallons Sturdy brass mixing head 3 spray patterns shrub lawn and tree 16 settings for precise mixing Adjusts from spray to stream up to 30 feet Reusable unbreakable poly bottle Metal spray handle attaches directly to garden hose 0.5 gallon 2 liter capacity 62140 60000 23 21022204 2204 WetDry and Liquids Hose End Applicator Sprays most brands of water soluble concentrates Four settings plus water only Sprays up to 50 gallons 189 liters Rotating head with three spray patterns ight thick or coarse Heavy-duty construction easy-fill jar Easily changes from liquid to dry applicator 1 year warranty