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1-800-LADYBUG Handheld 69640 Jet Stream Power Washer 2 brass nozzles included flat fan and strong cone spray Locking thumb-operated control valve Easily connects to garden hose Extra power for cleaning cars boats RVs driveways awnings decks and more 69640 24 60126 Handy Sprayer Locking lever-action control valve snap in for one handed spraying Adjustable poly cone nozzle adjusts from fine mist to long distance stream Large funnel top translucent tank 0.5 gal 2 liter 1 year warranty 60136 Rose Garden Sprayer Adjustable poly cone nozzle adjusts from fine mist to long distance stream Locking onoff switch control valve Large funnel top translucent tank 42 two-ply high pressure anti-kink visable braided hose American Rose Society tested endorsed 0.5 gal 2 liter 1 year warranty 69101 Multi-Purpose Hand Pump Sprayer Fully adjustable spray pattern - mist to stream Strong quick-pressurizing pump Translucent tank 1 liter 69101 99142 79142 60136 60126 79142 Multi-Purpose Sprayer Easy to pump adjustable spray from long stream to fine mist Tough poly jar with easy-fill opening Locking thumb-operated control valve Excellent for pest control disinfectants solvents and fabric sealants 0.5 gal 2 liter 99142 TEK Hand Sprayer With Foam Action Ability Well suited for spraying degreasers disinfectants pesticides etc. An excellent sprayer designed for handy accessibility for quick pest control and sanitation Heavy-duty poly hand unit is great for small jobs janitorial solvents etc Foaming capability accessory kit included 0.5 gallon capacity NEW 69402 All-Angle Heavy-Duty Extended Reach Sprayer Sprays from any angle - even upside down Bonus adjustable brass cone pattern nozzle Great for wallpaper removal home gardening in hard to reach crevices Fully adjustbale spray pattern Extended reach wand 0.5 gallon 2 liter capacity 69402