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Thrustless Poly Shut Off Valve Extra comfort and ease of use equipped with Viton for greater chemical resistance. Conveniently locks-on. In-line filter. Thumb-Operated TOV Valve Instant on instant off. Includes in-line filter for less clogging. Provides supreme comfort. Brass Thrustless Control Valve Lasts longer. Shuts off quickly. Valve Types Adjustable Nozzles Cone pattern adjusts from mist to long-range spray. Pic-A-Pattern Dual Nozzles Conefan or 0.28 thick0.18 thin fan pattern combinations for flexability. Professional Nozzles Available in brass strainless steel or poly in both fan and cone pattern configurations. Use with CF Valve constant flow pressure regulator valves. 4-Way Cluster Nozzle Quickly change between flooding flat fan flat fan cone pattern or foam spray. Nozzle Types Funnel Tops Our tank sprayers have a funnel top for faster no-spill filling. All-In-One Hose Supply Tube Easily removable with no tools. Completely drain and clean the sprayer for longer trouble free service. Stainless Steel Tanks High quality chromium nickle stainless steel is used for maximum chemical resistance. Non-magnetic so it will not alter chemical spray materials. Viton Seals Provide maximum chemical resistance to extend the life of your sprayer. Tank Design Best in Class. Quality Craftsmanship Customization. Off Set Pump with Simplex Inner-Seal Lid No need to remove pump to fill keeps debris out of tank. Seals from the inside out so the higher the pressure the tighter the seal. HPP Pump High Performance Pump pressurizes fast to save time and work. Back Reliever Innovative extended-reach pump. Extends for no bending during pressurization. Pump Design Variety of Wands The choice of quality and corrosion resistant brass durable fiberglass or economical poly. 21-800-LADYBUG Sure-Lock Technology Wand cannot be removed from valve even under high pressure or by force. Wand rotates 360 degrees for on-target accuracy. 2-Step Assembly New longer two-ply visable braided hose comes pre-attached to valve for an easy and quick out-of-box experience.