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Hudson is a Leader in Worldwide Efforts to Improve Community Health Through Disease Vector Control.

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At Hudson, we are advocates for public health programs which remove the threat to life and human well being. Malaria has one of the longest histories of causing pain, suffering and death to millions of people in many parts of the world. Malaria is transmitted from the mosquito to humans when the mosquito seeks a blood meal through a bite. Read our Malaria Control Initiatives Booklet for more info.

Learn about Zika Virus transmission and powered foggers & sprayers suitable for controlling mosquitoes that transmit disease.

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on how Indoor Residual Spraying with a Hudson X-Pert® Sprayer can save lives as part of an integrated malaria vector control program. Click here to download the video (.mov format 100 mb).

In our advocacy we recognize that Malaria has been eradicated in many parts of the world. Many island nations have eliminated Malaria from their territory. Those with a follow thru program swiftly isolate any person who later comes down with the disease and they also do selective spraying to get rid of the carrier.

New IRS Video Available - In 2012, the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying Project trained 39 health extension workers from 20 villages to lead IRS from their community health posts. The community-based IRS shows promise for reducing the cost and increasing the sustainability of IRS.
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