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World Bank Global Plan to Fight Malaria


EDITOR: Manuel F. Lluberas
Vector Control Systems Manager

The World Bank marked Africa Malaria Day, April 25, 2005 with the launch of a global approach to help developing countries fight the disease, which kills more than a million people each year - mostly children under the age of five - while causing millions more to become sick and blunting economic growth in the most affected countries.

Drawing on global knowledge and recent successes in malaria control in Brazil, Eritrea, India and Vietnam, the Bank's Global Strategy and Booster Program reflects a need for decisive action on a large scale to counteract what authors of the program described as the "inadequacy of global efforts to control malaria and the modesty of the Bank's current efforts relative to its potential." The Bank's working assumption, based on initial indications from countries seeking help, is that a total commitment of US$500 million to US$1 billion is feasible over the next five years, including co-financing that the Bank anticipates from partners. For more information, Click Here