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Cuba Proposed as Headquarters for Dengue Fever Researc

EDITOR: Manuel F. Lluberas
Vector Control Systems Manager

The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have proposed Cuba as the cooperation center headquarters for results in the battle against dengue fever.

Dr. Patricio Yépez, PAHO and WHO representative on the island, made the announcement in the presence of President Fidel Castro during the final session of the meeting entitled "Dengue fever: one year from victory," in Havana's International Conference Center.

Yépez noted that Cuba has the will and the political decision to eradicate the pandemic and that participation by the community has been active and constant in the intensive and safeguarding stages of eliminating the disease.

He highlighted the inter- and multi-sector actions taken, as well as the decentralization of power to local government and the consistent scientific-technical response.

All these social strategy principles were proclaimed 25 years ago in Alma-Ata - in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan - and Cuba is currently a standard-bearer for them.

"In this context, we propose that the Cuban experience is taken advantage of in the 36 countries of the region affected by the dengue epidemic," concluded Yépez, addressing over 900 delegates.