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Industro® Poly Sprayers

Industro® Poly Sprayers

Spray Thick™ Curing Compound Sprayers

  • 91184CCV sprays thicker solids
  • Thick corrosion resistant poly tank
  • Goodyear® Horizon™ Extreme chemical resistant hose
  • Brass Thrustless™ control valve – lasts longer, shuts off quickly
  • Strong curved brass 24” extra large aperture spray wand (91184CCV)
    18” spray wand (91183)
  • Brass TeeJet® fan nozzle 8004E (91183)
  • 91184CCV has 11010E and 8004E nozzles
  • HPP™ High Performance Pump with metal ”D” handle
  • 1 Year Warranty

91184CCV Industro® Poly 3.5 gal/13 liter

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