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Porta-Pak™ Ultra Low Volume Applicator

Porta-Pak™ Ultra Low Volume Applicator

Covers Extremely Large Areas with Very Little Spray Material

  • This is a true ULV sprayer, not a mist blower
  • Motor and large, specially designed fan generate powerful, high volume air stream that drives micron size (18 - 75) droplets
  • Covers swath up to 75 feet (23 m) wide and 50 feet (15 m) high!
  • Uses concentrated pesticide so there is no water mixing or carrying required
  • Ideal for use in orchards and groves, inside large warehouses, feedlots, etc. Also ideal for mosquito control for public health
  • Easily carried on applicator’s back
  • Optional parts kit for fast, easy, in-the-field servicing

98600A Ultra Low Volume Applicator 0.9 gal/3.5 Liter Capacity

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