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CF ValveTM (Constant Flow)

CF ValveTM (Constant Flow)

Model 9866

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CF ValveTM (Constant Flow)

Regardless of the amount of pressure pumped into the sprayer, the valve maintains a maximum pressure and steady flow at the nozzle. When pressure in the tank falls below the amount set by the valve, the spray immediately shuts off. Thus, accurate calibration comes easy. Can save up to 25% in chemicals!

98661V Yellow; 14.5 psi - 11/16” Thread Viton® Seals
98662V Red; 21.0 psi - 11/16” Thread Viton® Seals
98663 Blue; 29.0 psi - 11/16”Thread
98664 Green; 43.5 psi - 11/16” Thread

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