Big jobs no longer mean big headaches, thanks to the time-saving Commercial Drum Pump Sprayer. Versatile — Does The Job, Big or Small. Sprays Thick or Thin MaterialsComes complete with pump, discharge and suction pipes and hoses, spray hose, spray gun, wands, nozzles, pump parts and complete instructions.  Additional maintenance kit is available.

Spray Thick™ Drum Pump Sprayer

SKU: 38470
Use: Pest
    • Unique closed liquid system. Spray gun, discharge and suction hoses all have quick disconnects ensuring no air gets in the lines. Spray material won’t harden up between jobs.
    • Diaphram-style pump is virtually maintenance free. Lasts longer and is more efficient for spraying thicker curing compounds and sealers.
    • 30 feet of spray hose has quick connects at each end; reach farther without moving the barrel. Fittings allow hose to swivel, preventing twisting and kinking. Air free closed loop won’t dry out.
    • Highly versatile, use-anywhere. Attaches securely to drum. Pump weighs in at just 45 pounds and has a rugged carrying handle. Specially designed to fit on drum and never vibrate off. 
    • Powerful 5 hp Honda engine GC160 with 160cc displacement and 1.26qt per hour fuel consumption.  Honda quality packed into a light weight, quiet, reliable and compact engine.

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