H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company is a long-standing, well-respected company specializing in consumer and commercial sprayers and dusters since 1905

We know Sprayers.

We offer a broad range of products from handheld and compression to harsh chemical and backpack sprayers.

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What we do

We design, manufacture, distribute, and market a wide range of sprayers for the lawn & garden market.

Consumer Applications

Through extensive experience and broad expertise, we always offer the highest quality

Consumer Applications

We offer quality services with the best possible performance from our professional staff
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Commercial Applications

Several years in the industry have given us invaluable knowledge in the field that we focus

Commercial Applications

We guarantee a professional and competent response when we deliver our purpose
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Public Health

Gain a lot for your money. We offer sustainable services at competitive prices

Public Health

We always guarantee a good quality on to ensure clients' satisfaction
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experience excellence

Over 80 years of saving lives

Hudson is a leader in worldwide efforts to improve community health through disease vector control. We are advocates for public health programs which remove the threat to life and human well being.

Passion is what drives us

Improving community health

Our Mission

To help people live a better life and enjoy their outdoor spaces

We have a wide array of products that range from small hand sprayers ideal for sanitizing appliances to the best curing compound sprayers suited for application of cures and form release agents. 

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