Public Health

Over 70 Years of proven durability, uniformity and performance in disease vector control!

Over the years we have pioneered advances in sprayer features and technology and we hold numerous sprayer and
sprayer-related patents. We are about saving lives.

Hudson® is a leader in the worldwide efforts to improve community health through disease vector control. Founded in 1905 by H. D. Hudson, from its inception the company has established a global reputation for quality and service. Since World War II, Hudson® produced an enormous quantity of sprayers and dusters used by the USA Armed Forces, for the prevention and
control of insect-borne diseases on displaced persons and in the aftermath of emergencies and disasters.

The experience we have gained producing the best sprayers for world health and agriculture simply means that we have more knowledge about how to build better performing sprayers than anyone in the industry.
This equipment has been found by the International Pesticide Application Research Centre (IPARC), Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire. UK) to be FULLY COMPLIANT with the requirements of the Equipment for Vector Control Specification Guidelines, 2nd Edition. Geneva: World Health Organization; 2018. The Hudson X-Pert sprayer is the only sprayer to have complied with the more demanding original WHO Specification number WHO/VBC/89.970. (Proof of certification provided upon request)

  • Fully meet field operational requirements for manually operated compression sprayers used in global and national disease vector control programs.
  • Specifically engineered and built to meet the precise and standardized application procedures used in residual pesticide application for malaria control.
  • Meets the test of constant use in the most rigorous and demanding conditions. Provides maximum use life and reliability.
  • Reputation for trouble-free performance. Critical service parts are interchangeable, regardless of year of manufacture, contributing to uninterrupted vector control programs. This assures optimum cost/benefit with less down time, less maintenance costs.
  • Choice of 4 models, all in high quality chromium-nickel stainless steel. 11.5 and 13.3 liter total (3 and 3.5 gallon) working capacities.

1. Thrustless Shut Off: Leak-resistant Tefl on® bearing, Straight-line thrustless action for long service, locks on and off for greater control.
2. Pressure Release: Safely releases pressure.
3. Pressure Gauge: Shows pressure in the tank, dial cover is moisture and shatter resistant.
4. Brass Extension: Long brass wand provides easy reach and aim.
5. Extension Holder: Extension passes through loop and rests in cup; cup protects nozzle in transport.
6. CF Valve: Controls the pressure at a constant rate. Accurate application also conserves fluid, is self-cleaning and reduces need for calibration training.
7. Foot Rest: Provides balance and leverage for easier pumping.
8. Chromium Nickel Stainless Steel Tank: Provides the most resistance to pesticides and oxidation, provides maximum strength while minimizing weight.
9. Carrying Strap: Heavy-duty strap for comfort and long service.
10. Optional Shut Off Cock: Permits operator to keep pressure in the tank if it becomes necessary to remove hose or discharge set.
11. High Quality Brass Pump: Solvent and pesticide-resistant gaskets on pump cylinder.
12. Kem Oil Hose: High pressure hose with spray resistant liner for strength and durability.
13. Large Fill Opening: Easy to fi ll, empty, and clean the tank without removing the pump.